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More than 92% of Fortune 500 companies are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence, and even the smallest small businesses are benefitting from AI driven systems.

For AI to continue it's rise to dominance, two things must be considered:

1) Potent and High Quality User Interface Design

2) Bias and Slant Free Outputs

Just as bad UI design puts eCommerce bounce rates on a parabolic curve, low quality UI design is the number one thing turning users off of new technologies and platforms. The better the UI of an AI solution is designed, the more users will feel comfortable adopting it, the more often they will use it, and they more they will remember the brand behind the AI.

AI is already, and will continue to shape our lives, our companies, our overhead and our purchasing. As it stands now, AI contributes a significant amount to executive decision making - and this will only become more pronounced. The market for AI solutions is expected to more than quadruple over the next four years, from $87 billion to $410 billion.

The current divergence of AI is at a tipping point. On one hand, AI is about to put vast swathes of the population out of work. On the other hand, the AI-based solutions market, especially for business and process efficiency optimization, is over saturated and companies are having a hard time choosing from the dozens of similar solutions available to them.

That's where strong UI design comes in - quality User interface Design not only makes a solution more attractive, but can reduce bias and corruption of the AI's outputs.

Training artificial neural networks and AI models relies on consistent usage and human correction - a human needs to tell the AI when it gets something wrong, so that it can learn what is right. Ugly and low quality User Interfaces decrease human participation in AI training because, and this should be obvious, people don't like using ugly things.

The less humans participate in AI training, and the less they use AI solutions, the harder it is for the AI to learn, and the lower the data quality will be. Lower investment in user interface design will always result in a poorer return on investment in AI (actually, in everything).If you want an AI (or SaaS or eCom) implementation to be successful, you must prioritize investing in an attractive UI.

Bias is a huge problem for AI models and can result in irrational and improper outputs. The social aspects of bias including race-based, gender-based, and age-based decision making makes adopting AI risky for leadership.

Annnnd we're back to UI again.

An inexperienced or low quality designer may unintentionally make certain aspects of an AI solution bolder or more attractive to a user - corrupting the data set. It is extremely important to work with only the best UI designers, who are familiar with the potential downstream consequences of their design decisions, like the designers at Nine.

If you want a good AI ROI, invest in good UI.

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California-based Creative Director and Designer Rockie has spent well over a decade designing. Having started off making physical art Rockie transitioned into the digital world as a creative in 2010.

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