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What is qCommerce?

qCommerce stands for Quick-Commerce, or online orders that are delivered within an hour or two (or less), instead of overnight or within few days. Groceries and food currently dominate the qCommerce space, with pharmaceuticals and Cannabis derivatives the "up-next" growth sectors.

How can it impact sales?

While the rise of online shopping has made impulse buying easier than ever, most shoppers are still more likely to spend impulsively in physical stores due to the hedonic components and psychological impacts of instant gratification. Humans are emotional buyers - the vast majority of purchases are made emotionally rather than rationally. Stress - which is everywhere in the modern world - releases cortisol, which may influence the body to take actions from the limbic system, instead of the rational part of the brain.

This means the more stressed a person may be, the more they may make emotional purchases.

-> Shopping gives the mind a sense of control.

-> Buying something new soothes the body and relieves stress immediately with a hit of dopamine.

-> The need for this dopamine hit is what leads to compulsive shopping.

While this phenomenon is especially pronounced IRL, online shopping becomes a bit divergent here - there are two smaller dopamine hits: one when completing the order, and another when the order is delivered.

As it is, gratification from impulsive purchases tends to be short-lived, and this "spacing out" of the dopamine hits removes some of the attractiveness, appeal, and fun of compulsive shopping for consumers.

Online stores can attract these shoppers and win more impulsive and add-on spending - winning both a larger number of customers and a larger percentage of customer's wallets - by offering near-instant delivery of their goods. This puts an online store's neuro-triggers on a level playing field with physical stores.

How can my business pivot to qCommerce?

Successfully implementing qCommerce requires specialized logistics and software.

For most small-mid size businesses it's better to work with an experienced partner rather than trying to undertake the logistics, planning, and software aspects themselves.

At Nine, we have helped dozens of stores pivot to qCommerce for some or all of their products. This has resulted in double digit increases in average order spend and driven repeat customers to purchase more often. What's next? Drone deliveries and machine learning will accelerate the adoption and efficiency of qCommerce in 2023 and beyond.

Please feel free to reach out for a free consultation and learn how Nine can implement qCommerce in your business.

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